Kuttings Korner 2

Kuttings Korner 2

Wrexham Racecourse Motorhead

Looks like a fun Saturday was had by all at the Racecourse ground in Wrexham with Motorhead, Tank, Budgie, Raven, Orion, Twisted Sister, Rampant Antics and The Moon. Tickets were a whole £6.50!

Mind you, not even that lot would persuade me to go to Wales, a nation that, frankly, shouldn’t exist. Caterwauling dwarves with few redeeming features. I’ll excuse seventies freaks Man and, of course, the mighty Budgie but apart from that, it really should be paved over, and used as an overspill car park for the Midlands.

I would like to point out that my opinion is in no way influenced by me getting hit on by a gay waiter in a Mexican restaurant in Llandudno (or however you spell the bloody stupid name) back in the early nineties. It also confirms the stupidity of the Welsh, even the homosexualist ones, because it was my wedding anniversary, and I was out with my wife.

So, even if I’d been partial to a fudge doughnut, it was neither the time nor the place.

Have some Budgie and stop laughing.

MP3 one – Crash Course In Brain Surgery
MP3 two – Breadfan

And here’s a bonus Raven track

MP3 three – Hard Ride



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  2. godshatmyipod

    Why that would have been 1982, when I was still too young to vote, but old enough to ride a motorcycle. Happy days.

  3. Jimmy

    Gosh ’82, the ‘Devil’s Grip, the Iron Fist’ I should’ve remembered that…I don’t recall this particular gathering in Wrexham, but then again I would’ve discounted travelling to Wales – brilliant line-up though!

  4. Thumper

    Hadn’t Budgie gone all dull and political by 1982 though? Like a second division Rush? I thought they were more fun when they had albums sleeves with savage budgerigars on horseback.

  5. Jimmy

    Thumper you are thinking of the Deliver Us From Evil album which was mainstream hysteria about nuclear war, the Budgie were at the peak of their powers in the mid-late seventies – particularly the stunningly brilliant output of albums between 1971 – 1976

    They were truly the biggest thing since Powdered Milk!

  6. Mr H

    ‘Bored With Russia” was, indeed, pants. Although I have poster pack and picture disc versions. Sad. However, I still rated them off the back of the 12″ “If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting” EP. ‘High School Girls’ and ‘Panzer Division Destroyed’ particularly rocked my boat. Saw them a couple of years back playing the back room of a basement pub in Embra. And Burke Shelley could still hit those scary high notes.

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