Brute Force and Ignorance Part 1

Brute Force

Brute Force isn’t just a tune by the late, great Rory Gallagher. Nope, it’s also a state of mind. At least it was back at the arse end of the seventies / early eighties, when I was accumulating my musical juju.

Back in them days, it was a constant struggle for oneupmanship amongst the ranks of the motley crue of rattletag rockers I surrounded myself with. We were young and poor, but that didn’t mean we felt any sympathy for the bloke with the wrong number of rows on his studded wristband. No, mockery was where it was at.

Simultaneously, in a pre-internet world, the pages of Sounds and Kerrang! (pre-Kerrap! daze) were full of exotic sounding bands from farflung glamourous locations like Stourbridge and Mansfield. They were all allegedly metal, but who was good and who was bad? And so we would be lured by an advertisement for a compilation album, purporting to contain all these exciting new bands, but without the hassle of sending postal orders off to some nonce in Wolverhampton.

For these records were available in Woolworths at suitably priced RRPs! Oh, yes. A number 9 bus trip to the East End of Princes Street, and the world was mine, all mine!

And so it was that “Brute Force” cane into my life. Now, to be fair, it started off pretty well, so don’t get all excited thinking that this initial sample is a foretaste of what is to come. For the likes of Prowler and May West are just around the corner. However, for a good 15 minutes, this was the greatest record a teenaged Mr H had ever heard.

MP3 one – Diamond Head – It’s Electric
Diamond Head tour

MP3 two – Fist – Brain Damage
Fist tour

MP3 two – Raven – Let It Rip



  1. Thumper

    It certainly is. Still, it’s a good album for all that; Alice being produced by Bob Ezrin usually came up with something interesting. It wasn’t as wobbly a moment as, say, “Hot Space” or *shudders* “Music From ‘The Elder'”

  2. Mr H

    Oy! Hot Space = pants. I saw Queen on that tour, and they were blown off stage by the J Geils Band. Yes, the J Geils Band!

    However. Music From The Elder = genius.

    Genius tarnished by too many class A drugs and ego implants, but genius nonetheless. And if it hadn’t have been such a flop, then there would have been no Creatures Of The Night. Which would be criminal.

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