One Up The B-side

One Up The B-side

It’s been a while since I rummaged around in a dark place, looking for seven solid inches of sounds for your delectation. However, you can rest easy now, because here’s another random selection of sounds, straight from the B-side.

Charlie Daniels Band

Strange to relate, given the last two episodes of Southern Rock nirvana, but the first one out of the box was the Charlie Daniels Band. We here at GHMI love the CDB, and so should you. This particular tune was the B-side to their 1973 Kama Sutra, German released single, “Uneasy Rider”. No pic sleeve, but here it is, crackles intact.

MP3 one – Charlie Daniels Band – Funky Junky

Frankie Miller

Ooh, this is a good one! Somewhat appropriate, what with the impending arrival of a “new” single from the unfortunate Frankie Miller. This, however, is an absolute peach, one of his best. The B-side to his 1978 hit single, ‘Darlin’.

MP3 two – Frankie Miller – Drunken Nights In The City


Sadly, fiddling around in your drawers isn’t always a good thing. Witness, the official Kings Of Boogie, the mighty Foghat. ‘Boogie Motel’ was a 1979 single. It wasn’t one of their best, as they were on the wane by then, but it was a decent enough slab of their rockin’ blues. Why then, on its release in Germany, did they couple it with the godawful ‘Third Time Lucky (First Time I Was a Fool)’ from the same album? For sure, it had been a minor US hit, but it makes the Climax Blues Band seem hardcore. For shame.

MP3 three – Foghat – Third Time Lucky

Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Hurrah! Here comes the Sensational Alex Harvey Band to wipe the horrors of ‘Third Time Lucky’ clean away. Officially, the Greatest Scotch Rock Band Of All Time (sorry, Nazareth), this was the B-side to the equally splendid ‘Gamblin’ Bar Room Blues’. Shake that thing!

MP3 four – SAHB – Shake That Thing

Alex Harvey The New Band

Woah! Spooky alert. Bear in mind that SAHB is filed under S and Alex Harvey solo is filed under H, and we have a scary situation here. I saw the New Band back in nineteen mumblety mumble and, sad to say, Mr Harvey was in very poor form. Course he died soon after. Not my fault. Honest. This is a cracking tune, mind.

MP3 five – Alex Harvey: The New Band – Wake Up Davis (Sings The Oil Man Boogie)

Molly hatchet

I know I own a lot of Southern Rock records, but it just goes to show that God is a redneck, as sample number two comes out of the darkened room. “The Deed Is Done” wasn’t their best album, but there is no faulting the B-side to this US single.

MP3 six – Molly Hatchet – Man On The Run

Jan Akkerman

Closing time now, and a wee bit of a left hand turn as a Jan Akkerman single slithers out from an unmentionable corner. For the benefit of the stupid, Mr Akkerman used to be the guitarist in Focus. Oh, for God’s sake! Focus! They had hits with ‘Sylvia’ and ‘Hocus Pocus’. No, not ‘Sylvias Mother’. That was Dr. Hook. Jesus, but you should be ashamed of yourselves. Anyway, come 1981 and Akkerman released a single called ‘Oil In The Family (Fuel)’ This was the B-side.

MP3 six – jan Akkerman – Oil In The Family (Crude)

The Bit Where You Buy Stuff Bit;

There’s no such thing as budget Charlie Daniels at Amazon, but you can pick up three of his classic Epic albums in a box set thingyhere.

Insanely, the best of Frankie Miller doesn’t include ‘Drunken Nights…’, but it’s less than four quid so remains essentialhere.

If you don’t already have hundreds of Foghat records, then you’re barred from GHMI, so get the hell out. Again, the prices are stupid, but there’s a five album box set that includes The Greatest Live ALbum Of All Time here.

You can get a SAHB best of for under a fiver here and some cheap, late period Alex solo here

As for Jan Akkerman, forget about it, but if you’ve got a spare tenner, give the live Focus album “Live at the Rainbow” a bas hereh


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