The Final Coontdoon

The Final Coontdoon

Alastair McDonald

Now, I have heard that some folks doon in Engerland are getting aw worked up aboot somthing called Christmas. It’s aw a wee bit vague tae me, but I do know that it’s getting awfy close to Hogmanay. So I thought I’d get the pairty started nice and early wi some mair Scotch tunes.

And wha better than my childhood Scotch favourite, Alastair McDonald. Noo you might no have heard o’ him, but roond my way, his cheery smile, moustache and giant banjo, made him a firm favourite. So here he is, gi’in it laldy wi’ ‘Rantin Rovin Robin’.

Alastair McDonald – Rantin Rovin Robin


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