Sir John Cope gets his arse skelped – The Hogmanay Coontdoon Part 3

Sir John Cope gets his arse skelped – The Hogmanay Coontdoon Part 3

Ra Pons

Is there anything a Scotchman likes more than a song aboot the English getting humped.  Well, yes, but only if there’s football and drink involved.  Otherwise, hearing aboot those doon Sarf bandits getting their arses skelped doon the Pans is as good as it gets.

So here’s Alex Beaton telling us all aboot the Battle of Prestonpans – Hey Johnnie Cope

Alex is alive and well and here –



  1. Thumper

    What a load of rubbish! And I’m a speaking as a thoroughbred teuchter, with less surnames in his family tree than the Windsors! This blog is turning into Radio Scotland on a Sunday afternoon. Let’s have some Girlschool!

  2. Mr H

    I accept no Scotch criticism from a renegade turncoat who betrayed his Scotch porage roots for a life of panini, hirsute wimmin and anal warts. Begone!

  3. Mr H

    Begat! Of course, if said loathsome renegade had been tuned to his internet radio on 18th December, he would have heard me broadcasting an entire HOUR of NWOBHM to the entire WORLD. Including whatever misbegotten realm of unsavoury habits he now resides in. But, oh no, he’d rather moan about an abundance of och aye the noo. Typical Scotchman [hang on? disappears in a puff of logic]

  4. Thumper

    You know, funny you should say that but I was just looking at your page on GRTR radio and thinking “aw shite, the fat eejit has done another NWOBHM show without telling anyone”. So is this one going to be repeated then?

  5. Mr H

    If by “repeated”, you mean “another chance to hear a classic episode from the Mr H archive”, then yes, it will be. My legi (the diminutive of legions), insist upon it. I might even let on when it is, beforehand next time. Or. Ssshhh – bung some of the tunes up here.

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