We interrupt oor normal service

We interrupt oor normal service
For some metal.  And this is what you would have heard had you listened to my most recent NWOBHM special on that there internet radio;

Bollweevil – Rock Solid
Holocaust – Only As Young As
You Feel
Starfighters – Alley Cat Blues
Silverwing – Teenage Love
Samson – Red Skies
Baby Tuckoo – Rock Rock
Dark Star – Lady Of
Di’anno – Antigua
Tank – Blood Guts & Beer
Marseille – Walking
On A High Wire
Dumpys Rusty Nuts – Boxhill Or Bust
Bruce Dickinson & Pig Iron – Space Truckin’

So more fool you.  But here’s a wee taster.

Some Samson


Some Di’anno


Some Tank

Some Marseille


Now stop bothering me, so I can get back to being Scotch.


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