Tigertailz love bomb baby air raid warning

Were Tigertailz the greatest band in the history of the world?  Were they the greatest band in Spillers Records in Cardiff?  The answer to one of these questions is yes.

tigertailzThey cracked the UK top 40 album charts back in 1990 when you actually had to sell records to do that but it all went pear shaped for them as that insufferable Seattle fool killed music once and for all.

They briefly tried to be a post grunge band which was actually much funnier than there attempts to be the Welsh Kiss. But not in a good way.

Like every band they’ve reformed a few times despite the death of Pepsi Tate ten years back and most recently promoted their bass player to vocalist after singer number 5 jumped ship.  Here’s a live version of ‘Live Bomb Baby‘ for your download and delectation.  And a visual treat is below.





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